Beautiful Accidents

by Lifes Punishment

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released April 17, 2011

written and recorded by Joel A. Jennison



all rights reserved


Lifes Punishment SA, Australia

What is lifes Punishment?

It is the strange and terrible sounds born from the temporary being known as Joel Jennison, an introverted living-cartoon last seen licking some whiskey off the spine of some buxom crumpet... somewhere in South Australia. ... more

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Track Name: Retribution for the damaged
I will slice you open, and feed you to your dog
you scream and shout and thrash about
plunging fist into chest I tear out your fucking heart

I'm forcing you, to watch your best friend eat your fucking corpse
your family, they're watching too, twisted smiles, no tears for you
removing human trash to start anew, a job that justice cannot fucking do
forced to wait it out, until the universe shares my point of view

If God does take and God does give, why the fuck does it let those people live
remove head from ass and analyse, the amount of innocence that dies
Track Name: Parasite princess
Take, take, take then take some more
excuse me miss, you missed a spot of blood on the floor

you'd scar yourself to stake a claim

staring in the mirror at your #1 fan
ego so big, delusions so grand
lie cheat steal leech
worthless talking meat

no other reason than because you can
you drained those that never ran
I have eyes that see right through
leeching shallow bitches like you

lying mouth painting pseudo fame
Track Name: Noble Offspring
Raging storm covers my tracks
through the rain and mist, rapid attack
bones shatter, violence rips through
in a wake of blood, power accrued

Empire built on the bodies of enemies
corpses of the dead taint the breeze

You cannot escape your death
Track Name: Limbo 2384
Don't want to be here anymore
the colours seems to fail
yesterdays joy, tomorrows whipping boy

If I am alive, why am I in limbo?
my body still searches
but my brain drowns in sorrow
cold, black and white
my life robbed of a beautiful light
and every day, feels like a year of pain

You were supposed to grow old, live a full life
face the trials, of the classical strife

I would have done anything, anything at all
to keep you here with us, on this mortal coil
Track Name: Silence
without a word, I ask you to shut your face
one more pointless sound and there'll be blood all over the place


without a sound, I tell you to shut your face
I couldn't care less
you vomit words of disgrace
without warning, I advance to sew your mouth shut
if you struggle to much, you will find your fucking throat cut